Welcome to Invisible Seam - a boutique fashion house, tailoring and dressmaking workshop.

We specialise in the creation of custom-fitted ladies’ business, corporate and formal wear.

 Renowned for producing high quality garments with its extensive experience in the art of haute couture, Invisible Seam:

  • creates exclusive, designer-inspired garments with great care and an intricate attention to detail
  • provides extensive design and styling consultations as part of the tailoring process
  • prepares customised patterns based on your figure (which are kept for up to five years and can be reused for the creation of further garments)
  • offers an impressive range of fabrics for your selection (but of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own fabric if it is appropriate to the particular style)

All of our garments are made on our premises by experienced couturiers and dressmakers who will guide you through the design and styling process.

Whatever the reason – be it a lack of choice in mainstream fashion; an inspirational idea you’d like to create; or a yearning to replicate a beloved piece of clothing – your thoughts and ideas are a starting point for the design of a new garment and the possibilities are endless.

At Invisible Seam we strive for perfection. We have many years of experience in working with delicate fabrics and irregular patterns and we can treat materials to ensure long-term durability and perfect fit.  While our dressmakers use the latest modern machinery and techniques, they are also highly skilled in traditional couture and can produce old-fashioned decorative hand stitching, draping and intricate details of the past.

Philosophy of Invisible Seam

Our philosophy is that by choosing the perfect colour and fabric, designing the most flattering style and by combining this with quality workmanship, Invisible Seam can create a beautiful and unique garment that reflects your personality and gives you the confidence and freedom in your day to day life.